Are you ready to increase your FAITH in Him? 



Are you ready to move the mountains in your life and

learn how to let your faith propel you forward? 


Faith in Him 

is an 8 week study guide that will help you

follow President Nelson’s steps to 


increase your faith in Him

so you can move the mountains in your life.

So, what’s included? 

Your FAITH IN HIM study guide will walk you through the steps of increasing your faith and includes resources to support you every step of your journey.

Here’s what you have to look forward to: 


Guided Study

8 weeks of lessons, worksheets and activities for deep study.

Weekly Action Cards

These cards will help you complete the actions each week throughout the 8 week course. When the course is complete, new action cards will help you to continue to act in faith.

A Beautiful Workbook

A printable workbook with 58 beautifully designed pages that will help you apply the principles of faith

Pretty Weekly Printables

Your kit includes a variety of printables you can use to inspire and uplift and remind you about the steps you’re taking to increase your faith.

PLUS! Buy today and you’ll receive special INTRODUCTRY PRICING! 

Hi there, I’m Aretta! And I want to help YOU increase your faith! Just after the April 2021 General Conference, I made a comment to a friend that we could study President Nelson’s talk about faith for 2 months of Relief Society talks. There is so. much. goodness in this talk. I know that I needed to hear it and work on increasing my faith in so many areas and wanted to study President Nelson’s counsel more deeply. 

I believe that YOU can increase your faith. I believe that God truly knows your divine potential and what you can become. And that with work and with faith in Him you CAN reach that potential. You CAN work to become what He wants you to be. 

How does this course work?

After your purchase, your digital workbook will be ready for download. You will need to print this out so you’ll be ready to start. I recommend getting it spiral bound or putting it into a binder.

The course is self-paced. Each week you can follow the reading and study guides for the week. Need a little more time? No problem! You’re never behind as long as you keep moving!  

“Aretta’s ability to breakdown gospel principles so I can understand them more fully is such a gift.”

– Jill P.

Have some questions? Here’s some answers! 

Why should I buy now?
There’s no time like the present to get started on something good! And since this is a new course, I’m offering it at an introductory discount!
I'm busy! Will I have time for this?
I hear ya, sister! Life is a crazy thing sometimes, right? And sometimes adding on one more thing to do feels overwhelming. Faith is a foundation of the gospel. And understanding how to increase your faith will bless you in so many ways. I promise it will be worth the time you put in.  And, as you learn to put your faith in Him, other aspects of your life can fall into place.

How much time you spend on each week’s study is up to you. Most lessons can be done in about an hour. You can do this all in one sitting, or break it up into smaller bits of time throughout the week. You will have action items to do each day, which you will do as you go about your regular life activities.

Will I get anything in the mail?
This is an online course that comes with a printable workbook. You will receive a digital download of your workbook and bonus journal. Then, each week you will receive an email lesson and bonuses. You will not receive anything in the mail.
Can I print the materials as many times as I want?
Your printing rights will depend on what printing option you choose. You can choose to print for yourself, your family / gifting, or for a group of up to 40 copies. Printing for others than yourself is available only if you select the family or group printing option.  Digital files may not be shared. 
How do I know this is right for me?
Do you have a desire to increase your faith? Are you ready to do the work required to move your mountains? Then this course is for you! This course is about changing and becoming who God wants you to be. It is NOT a quick and easy do it and done process. If that’s what you’re looking for then this is not for you.

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